Tatyana Gann

When it comes to effective publicity, business owners immediately feel stuck! They become afraid of the media and what they need and want from your story. Last week I was at the MTV Movie Awards style lounge, a gifting lounge for celebrities and media, and every reporter, journalist, and editor I spoke with wanted a story. They want to know how YOUR product benefits their readers!

They want to know your persona! We represented Sisel International and the theme was “The 1950s Candy Shop” with the product being SlenderPOPs, a weight loss candy! Many stylists, celebrities, and media professionals complimented us on a great theme and on having chosen the right colors for marketing. Thanks to my friend Elena Perrone, a fashion designer from Palm Springs California, who made things happen and made us look like real candy girls!

To make things easier I prepared a few secret questions which a PR coach should ask to help you with publicity!

My secret interview questions:

What is your long term mission?

We talk about a creative mission and a business mission! Often business owners discover more – they see their dreams are driven by serving people, family or children!

What legacy do you want to leave for your family or biz partners?

Usually a legacy is about family and being remembered as a person of high integrity, moral and love for people!

What do you want your clients to believe about you?

We are not talking about a false image! We are talking about your persona!

Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

What has been the most memorable event in your business?

What challenges have you faced in your business?

Who are your ideal clients?

What do your current clients love about your business and service?

What are you known for the most in your community?

How do you feel your work can impact the community?

What role do you provide to the marketplace?

What is unique about you as a business owner that people respect?

What is the main problem or issue that your clients face and what are the easiest or simplest solutions you can provide? What are those solutions?

Where do your clients come from? Referrals, magazines, newspapers or online?

Tell me what you believe is the most important factor in your business success?

What two main topics do you want to cover that you believe could be really hot for YOUR industry?

Overall, the # 1 question you must ask yourself is: What is your persona and what do you want to be known for?

Tatyana Gann

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