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Vemma Action Plan: Guide to Personal Success
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An essential business-building 52-page workbook to guide you toward your personal success with Vemma. Fully illustrated, it features 8 important steps highlighting the importance of dreams, the compensation plan, setting your own course and everything in between! It’s a great tool to keep for yourself or to hand out to prospects.

About Me…

Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise. Each day we learn, that is another 365 lessons a year.

I am

Panama City Beach, Florida

Why I Do This…

Because I can, when they told me I could not, beca

How were you introduced to Vemma?

I was there at the beginning.

What advice have you gained from other people’s experience that you model after?


Tatyana Gann

When it comes to effective publicity, business owners immediately feel stuck! They become afraid of the media and what they need and want from your story. Last week I was at the MTV Movie Awards style lounge, a gifting lounge for celebrities and media, and every reporter, journalist, and editor I spoke with wanted a story. They want to know how YOUR product benefits their readers!

They want to know your persona! We represented Sisel International and the theme was “The 1950s Candy Shop” with the product being SlenderPOPs, a weight loss candy! Many stylists, celebrities, and media professionals complimented us on a great theme and on having chosen the right colors for marketing. Thanks to my friend Elena Perrone, a fashion designer from Palm Springs California, who made things happen and made us look like real candy girls!

To make things easier I prepared a few secret questions which a PR coach should ask to help you with publicity!

My secret interview questions:

What is your long term mission?

We talk about a creative mission and a business mission! Often business owners discover more – they see their dreams are driven by serving people, family or children!

What legacy do you want to leave for your family or biz partners?

Usually a legacy is about family and being remembered as a person of high integrity, moral and love for people!

What do you want your clients to believe about you?

We are not talking about a false image! We are talking about your persona!

Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

What has been the most memorable event in your business?

What challenges have you faced in your business?

Who are your ideal clients?

What do your current clients love about your business and service?

What are you known for the most in your community?

How do you feel your work can impact the community?

What role do you provide to the marketplace?

What is unique about you as a business owner that people respect?

What is the main problem or issue that your clients face and what are the easiest or simplest solutions you can provide? What are those solutions?

Where do your clients come from? Referrals, magazines, newspapers or online?

Tell me what you believe is the most important factor in your business success?

What two main topics do you want to cover that you believe could be really hot for YOUR industry?

Overall, the # 1 question you must ask yourself is: What is your persona and what do you want to be known for?

Tatyana Gann

Tatyana Gann is the founder of the Smokin’ Hot PR Ezine and Smokin’ Hot PR Boutique, providing publicity, online PR services and even private VIP consulting. Tatyana Gann is ready to bring you publicity tips, advice and PR services to help you gain more raving fans for your business and create smokin’ hot publicity! She has a simple formula for creating a publicity plan that brings results! Grab your FREE publicity weekly advice at:


Vemma updates

Introducing the New Vemma Brand Video 3/2/2011
Everything you know and love about the Vemma brand can be found in one video, courtesy of Home Office’s marketing and branding team!In creating the 3-minute showcase, we took excerpts from all of our recent promotional projects in order to present the most comprehensive look yet at the marketing tools we provide our Brand Partners.
Here at Home Office, we are dedicated to providing you with the best-looking and most-effective marketing and sales materials, and this video is a prime example. With bold colors, attention-grabbing graphics and clips, and upbeat music, it’s like a Verve Energy Drink on your screen! We’re thrilled with the result, and hope you will be too. And this is only the beginning!
We’ll be rolling out an array of new tools designed to help your business get bigger and better than ever. Click here to view and share the video!

Its real and its now


Maree Bradshaw Had my first Vemma PM last night. Up at 5:30am to go to work and feel exuberant. No “sleep aid hangover”. Twenty minutes after taking Vemma PM it started to work. Felt like a blanket of sleep that just kept getting heavier. I can’t believe this is all natural! I love it.
I’ve been having sleep challenges for over twelve years.  I’ve tried everything from Tylenol PM to Melatonin with poor to moderate results.  I had worked all day when I got the call from my upline that I was getting a Vemma PM.  I was so excited to try it, however I hesitated because I had to work another long shift in the morning and wasn’t sure I wanted to risk missing sleep.   I often have trouble sleeping before an early shift, even with taking medication, as  I’m constantly checking the clock.  But, I have a strong belief in the Vemma products so I gave up the medication and tried the Vemma PM.  After twenty minutes, I started to feel sleepy and went to lay down.  As soon as my head hit the pillow it felt like blanket of sleep swept over me and it just kept getting heavier and heavier until I drifted off to sleep ten to fifteen minutes later.  It was unbelievable.  But, the best part came at 5:30am when I woke up exuberant without the medication “hang over”.  I didn’t realize how bad the “fog” was that I had to fight every morning until now.  I went on to have a great day at work.  My expectations for Vemma PM were high and I was not disappointed. Maree


Wanna change your life? Get great at this…

Wanna change your life? Get great at this…

I once read that 97% of people HATE selling. So a question comes to mind: Is it even possible to create an opportunity that could attract this 97%? It’s a tough question that I really couldn’t answer for the first 16 years of my career.

Now don’t get me wrong, we have a tremendous product line that does some amazing things for people. Where the challenge lies is in the old saying, ‘you can’t feel prevention.’ You see, when a person can’t feel something working right away, there is an element of ‘sales’ that you have to do just to make sure they know something is good for them and positive changes are going on inside their body.

That all changed on October 28th! I feel for the first time in our industry, we can offer a viable opportunity that can attract these 97%ers and give them the ability to tap into a market where Americans spent $24 billion, all with the single goal of getting a good nights sleep. Vemma PM isn’t a product that takes 30 days for a person to know it’s working…it take about 30 mins. It’s our job to just plant these 2 oz bottles into the hands of people with a sleep challenge and let the product do the selling.

Now it may not work for everyone, but holy smokes, 8 or 9 out of 10 people I’m giving it to love it. So how does a person who HATES to sell take this product and this opportunity and change their life? It comes down to making a decision to get great at caring about people and asking that simple question…do you know anyone with a sleep challenge? Watch Tom Alkazin’s video blog on his simple little approach (, print out the PDF script and massage it into something you would feel comfortable saying. Then the secret to YOUR success is to get great at saying it and working the topic into conversations.

If you have a challenge talking to people, have a little fun by thinking, ‘BK will pay me $100 for every person I ask if they know anyone with a sleep challenge.’ Now, of course I’m not going to pay you $100 for each person you ask that question, but the way our bonus plan works, it could turn out to be a lot more than $100 one time!

A friend of mine recently tweeted out this statement @ArtJonak – Leadership Mantra: Go meet people. Interact. Build relationships. There are few, if any, hermit millionaires. 🙂

Don’t be a hermit. The message of sleep resonates with so many people and they don’t want a sales pitch! What they want is a product that can make them sleep and feel great. You now have it and all that stands between you and the life of your dreams is to help enough people with it.

Let’s go to work!

Wanna change your life? Get great at this…

Selling domains

ATTENTION: I will research and find domains that are already owned by others. Just send me the name you need and I will work vigorously to get you what you want. It is always best to have three choices, just in case. We can do corporate and private purchases as well as full disclosure agreements.


Paul Grogan


Tell me this

Information network

How stupid is this?

I pay for internet on four different devices, cable via satellite. Landline phone, satellite internet, wifi access on a plane.

Why can I not just pay open access to the tax paid info-structure one time, open access? I think I just pay for billing, administration, and repairmen, who I never had to call. Plus technology to make sure we do not use anyone else’s network. Heaven forbid I use the local road vs the interstate. Just to get around town to see friends, families and local shops.

99.00 a person per month. Total access – Nuf said.