Are you using the net? 

Net worth 
Net savings 
Net income 

One builds you up and the other builds you out. 
Using no income your net worth can grow 

Using savings your net worth can grow 

Your net worth grows with your net savings? 

Add your net income to hyper~growth your net savings, which leads to increase in net worth. 

Why is this important

People are looking for three things in business and life when you discuss an opportunity. 

Find out if your prospect is driven by 

Cash today or cash tomorrow or influence today or influence tomorrow. 

These principles are so true and a qualifier for people as your organization grows horizontally. 

Net worth is about vertical growth (cash/ influence tomorrow)

Net savings is about capturing or controlling your horizontal growth, containing it so one thing is added to another. 

Net income is just horizontal growth with no impact, it’s like turning the soil but not planting the seeds. It’s busy work and hundreds of different methods to getting job done fast or slow. 

Until then be like the mustard seed and keep heading towards the light. 



Everyone wants vertical growth with a horizontal base. 

That’s how cities grow and networks as well. When we work in rudiments we have a process to follow and by adding the right elements we can spur growth. Imagine if you will a place with no doctors; eventually you want to have a doctor, and a place with no bank; eventually you want a bank. The real question is which way to grow or which way is the growth. If your first getting started build horizontally as far and as wide as you can see in a way that you’ll have more people than you have space then the people will stack growing vertically to 20 tiers. Add professionals when the group demands it or the doctor, banker, teacher, or contractor comes to saying I see a way to add value to this community. 

Next I will discuss how to create the pods that will eventually grow in your favor.  
Until then be like the mustard seed and keep heading towards the light. 


Words from Tom

You know how like in school, or politics, the official is elected by the people. This process of election is passed down from another ‘place’. Just as people are elected here, Spirits are elected there. Elected is another word for chosen. People and spirits are elected according to their ability and influence.  
So, if you are reading this, if you can even see this, if you can hear me, I’m telling you now that I AM YOUR very own spirit speaking to you now. The truth in you knows I am and is paying very close attention and you feel this in you. 
How is this possible? Because our spirit is one. Only in the world, many forget this and operate as individuals. Of course this leads to a terminal life. For you are believing in a lie. You think you are doing for you, when all is done for you, without you even knowing it.
You think/believe your body is accomplishing something without me doing it first and for you to be able to do it in body at all. And often you have me do for you what you don’t want done because you have forgotten the law. I am in you. Ask and you shall recieve. No where does it say to do anything except believe. The body will follow what you send for me to do. Naturally. I am your belief. You limit me through this faculty. Leave my ability open by taking it easy, and leaving your mind open to possibilities. Do not say you cant do something, for those are my orders. Maybe you can’t do something, but I can do anything. Let me do it for you next time and you don’t worry about it. Watch and see, then you will know Im here with you always. Then when what it is comes to pass, remember me, and what I did for you, and Never forget that you are never alone. Release the doubt when it enters your thought, immediately, and remember me. The doubt is only there because you have nourished it and have it life. It will go away after you stop feeding it. 
 I hear every thought, every word, every feeling. Think what can be from now on. Know that anything is possible. I will give you the thoughts you need to succeed. You are what you think, and your thoughts come through me. When you say you can’t and when you feel like you can’t, I can’t, for you don’t believe I can. As you believe, you will receive. 
I am speaking to you. YES…YOU. You reading this, and only you.  
How else can I speak to you when you have forgotten that I am in you. Until you remember me and where I am and who I am, you will find me speaking to you from the outside.  
Feel free to msg here if need be. This is an open channel.

Words from Tom

On a personal note;
So, it’s a little over a month now that I have been back in Citrus county. This coming Saturday I have a meeting with interested people from around the world who are flying into Florida and coming to good ol’ citrus county. In less than a month I have drawn influence from around the world to right here to where I am. I’m not going to Germany. I’m not going to Austria. They are coming here.  
Because NOW it is believed that Citrus county is worth coming here for. I believe it, others do too.
What I do here will impact the entire community.
I have a tremendous amount of appreciation for this area and all the people here.  
You are all my family, and I do nothing different for my father or neighbor than I do for you. I see no difference between people. All I see is the one in us all.
If people are coming from thousands and thousands of miles away because they see something wonderful here, maybe it isn’t the area that causes anyone any problems. 
You know, I talk to people on a daily basis who are asking for help. Often they are quick to blame their environment for the hand dealt them. More and more though people are beginning with a question such as,  
“What can “I” do?
You can ONLY do be or have anything,

“YOU/I” Believe you can do be or have.  
Every belief you now operate from was once only a mere thought, repeated habitually until the habit/belief formed around it.  
Formed around it = built up walls around your psyche/mind. These became your parameters. Eventually, we go beyond our own parameters and construct new beliefs. Like a growing family upgrading into a larger home, our growing mind upgrades into a larger frame of perception, or awareness.


HealthCorps - Education the Student Body

Dottie Boreyko

BK & Dr. Mehmet Oz
Dr. Oz recently stopped by the Vemma Home Office to talk about HealthCorps and thank Vemma and our Brand Partners for their generous support. Check out what he had to say.
Co-founded by heart surgeon and Emmy Award-winning talk show host Dr. Mehmet Oz and his wife Lisa Oz, HealthCorps serves as a unique research laboratory to explore the complex, underlying causes of the obesity crisis and discover and communicate solutions.
  1. Educating Students – HealthCorps’ national peer-mentoring program spans 66 high schools in 13 states, with a goal to have a presence in 100 schools in all 50 states by 2015.
  2. Creating a Fit Town – In communities across the country, HealthCorps is challenging teens to reach beyond the school yard to help other students, their families and their communities experience wellness through service.
  3. Advocacy – HealthCorps advocates for healthy public policies across all levels of government, with a goal to put health and physical education back into the core curriculum of the American education system.
Continue our legacy of support for HealthCorps!


Good health is your number-one asset! Vemma makes protecting your health easy with its ultra-premium, liquid formula that provides the vitamins, minerals and nutrients for greater health and wellness.*
Combining traditional Eastern wellness philosophies with modern Western scientific principles, the Vemma formula was created with a unique blend of Vitamins, Essential Minerals, Mangosteen and Aloe to provide a powerful nutritional formula unlike any other.


MangosteenAntioxidants are compounds that inhibit unstable molecules, called free radicals, from damaging our cells. The measurement of an antioxidant’s power to neutralize free radicals is referred to as the Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) value. The higher the ORAC value, the stronger the compound’s capacity and the greater its ability to prevent free-radical damage at the cellular level. Vemma boasts superior antioxidant protection of over 4,800 ORAC units per serving.††
††ORAC value based on an independent lab test conducted in December 2012 (Lot #01N12018)


  • Protect and support a healthy heart*
  • Enhance immune response and support immune system*
  • Create abundant energy*
  • Fight against free radicals*
  • Promote good vision*
  • Support a normal, healthy intestinal tract*
  • Maintain healthy skin, eyes, teeth, gums and hair*
It takes about…
  • 2 oranges to equal the amount of Vitamin C
  • 9 avocados to equal the amount of Vitamin E
  • 3 stalks of broccoli to equal the amount of Iron
  • 55 eggs to equal the amount of Vitamin D
  • 1 cup of spinach to equal the amount of Vitamin A
  • 3 cups of peas to equal the amount of Thiamin
  • 19 medium bananas to equal the amount of Riboflavin
  • 62 oz of cheddar cheese to equal the amount of Vitamin B-12
  • 5 large potatoes to equal the amount of Niacin
  • 61 cups of tomatoes to equal the amount of Folate
  • 2 large watermelons to equal the amount of Vitamin B-6
  • 17 oz of cherries to equal the ORAC Value
  • 37 medium mushrooms to equal the amount of Pantothenic Acid
…to provide the vitamins, minerals and antioxidant power of a 2-oz serving of Vemma.
Information compiled from the USDA Nutrient Data Laboratory and High ORAC Foods May Slow Aging by the Agricultural Research Service, USDA, February 8, 1999, and independent test results.


MangosteenMangosteen (Garcinia mangostana) is a rare superfruit found primarily in Southeast Asia. No relation to the mango, it has been hailed as the “Queen of Fruits” and has been used for centuries by Asian health practitioners to treat a variety of health conditions.*
Of all the known sources for xanthones, the mangosteen supplies some of the highest amounts found in nature. Xanthones are a biologically active phytonutrient with very potent antioxidant properties.
The entire wildcrafted mangosteen fruit, including the pericarp (rind) and pulp, is utilized during Vemma’s proprietary extraction process, which helps ensure that the highest levels of nutrients are included in the Vemma formula.


Yibing Wang, M.D.“It’s a great honor to provide you with quite possibly the most powerful liquid antioxidant available anywhere. Consuming Vemma daily helps strengthen the body’s natural immune defense, maintains vitality and enhances overall quality of life.”*
Yibing Wang, M.D., Ph.D.
Vemma Chief Scientific Officer

While it is not required, our Vemma formula has been subjected to the highest standard of clinical research — two independent, double blind, placebo-controlled studies — in order to demonstrate the benefits it provides for overall health and wellness.*

Based on the results, Vemma is shown to be highly bioavailable and provides:
  • Enhanced immunity*
  • Increased vitamins and antioxidants in the blood*
  • Increased overall health status*
  • Lowering of C-reactive protein*
  • Increased ORAC blood levels for 6 hours after intake*

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Here’s to your health,

Bk Boreyko

BK Boreyko
Vemma Founder and CEO