No man is an island

A little about Paul: 


Are you using the net? 

Net worth 
Net savings 
Net income 

One builds you up and the other builds you out. 
Using no income your net worth can grow 

Using savings your net worth can grow 

Your net worth grows with your net savings? 

Add your net income to hyper~growth your net savings, which leads to increase in net worth. 

Why is this important

People are looking for three things in business and life when you discuss an opportunity. 

Find out if your prospect is driven by 

Cash today or cash tomorrow or influence today or influence tomorrow. 

These principles are so true and a qualifier for people as your organization grows horizontally. 

Net worth is about vertical growth (cash/ influence tomorrow)

Net savings is about capturing or controlling your horizontal growth, containing it so one thing is added to another. 

Net income is just horizontal growth with no impact, it’s like turning the soil but not planting the seeds. It’s busy work and hundreds of different methods to getting job done fast or slow. 

Until then be like the mustard seed and keep heading towards the light.