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Invite to 55
Okay you’ve listened to the five introductory calls and at this time you should be making a choice, whether you’re going to utilize the My Lunch Basket store or not and that’s a pretty easy choice. We also want to invite you to a 55 minute presentation of what we believe to be one of the most fundamentally sound businesses, but more importantly we want to make sure that the leaders of the organization get to meet you and get to interact with you. So please, sign up for the 55 minute, live presentation. We do these once a week, we have presenters all over the country and all over the world. So if you want to see this live, that’s possible. I mean, real people doing real things because we really have something to offer. Sign up for a meeting today.

Intro to Joe
HI, Hello everybody and welcome. I want to thank everyone for being out here and thank you for the opportunity to be in front of everybody. I want to thank the leadership; the people that trained me over the years and specifically the BWW leadership that have set up a system that helps me be in front of you because of time constraints are a factor and the fact that, well, frankly, I’m pretty busy, but this is what’s important to me, so I want to make sure that if there’s anybody that has anything to do in the next hour, if there’s anything they need to do, use the restroom, make a phone call, please do it now. We have a lot of information to go over, it’s probably going to be really about fifty minutes, and we’ll be taking questions at the end and you can hold the applause until then. Okay, first of all, who are we? My name’s Paul, I have a significant other, her name is Jamie. And Paul and Jamie have partnered up with another couple named Joe and Misty. And Joe and Misty are from Fort Walton Beach Florida and Paul and Jamie have recently moved to Panama City Beach and we literally are reorganizing our lives and restructuring our lives to be of maximum benefit to other people. Joe and Misty have a learning session, called Learn about Legacy, where we’re teaching people to be sovereign and independent, families and independent men and women that can add value to their community, to their families, and to their country. Paul and Jamie’s organization talks about hope, and we talk about the ability to have choices and come over desperate situations, or what seems to be desperate situations and introduce hope to thousands and thousands of Americans and international people all over the world. It’s a very good combination and we look forward to teaching you guys something tonight. It’s just a phenomenal experience and it’s something that changed the way that we live our daily lives. So without much further ado, I’d like to introduce you to Joe, and let you have it.

Peer to Peer
Peer to Peer
Hey everybody, isn’t Joe amazing? In this second section we’re going to talk about ‘what is it?’ The magic bullet, the phenomena, what are we here for? We’ll be talking about three forms of marketing, there’s basically three areas that marketing works in and one of them is kind of a public form of marketing where you just throw something against the wall and see if it sticks and this is done on national ad campaigns, it’s done through television, large newspaper articles, usually information based marketing where they just throw something out there and if people you know, grab onto it great, if they don’t grab onto it that’s okay too. The second form of marketing is corporate style marketing, and this is where you take data, and research and profiling and you do all of these things to find out what the common denominator is amongst all the people so that you can market directly to them on a base of that you already know that they need or want this product or service. There’s a lot of different forms of that, one of the things that we very rarely see in a corporate marketing scene is pork rinds, pork rinds are popular, most people know who they are, they understand that they’re only going to produce so much per year and there really isn’t going to be higher consumption of pork rinds based on the population, only a certain percentage are going to like those but they do know that certain demographic tends to favor them more than others. This is a form of corporate data research and profiling where they’re going to actually going to produce more pork rinds in certain geographical areas than others. So the last form of marketing and the one that seems to be a way to take what appears to be a finite corporate number such as pork rinds or washers and dryers- there’s only so many people in the world, there’s only so many people who really need, so the need for washers and dryers is limited. So you know we take that format of corporate and we take that idea of stick the mud on the wall and we’re just putting out massive amounts of information in order to take aim at the customer base. They call this peer to peer marketing or association marketing, and this is where you call up a big company or big corporation that sells a lot of products, and you set up an account with them, so every time somebody goes to your website and reads your blog and clicks on a link and they buy something from that link, you get a check. And then there’s a handshake deal, some people who only want to deal with local people, people they know, and we call this peer to peer marketing.


10 Steps
Okay hi. That was a great commercial wasn’t it, and I’m sure some of you guys are starting to figure some stuff out. We got a little pattern going here and we want to do something really fun right now so if you could take out your paper and pen and we’re going to go over a very simple beginning program that changed my world. I’ve been to seminars all over the country meeting with speakers from all over the world; I’ve spent over $40 000 in education. They all start the same, so if you could take out a piece of paper, and you’ll need to write down 1, 2, 3 three times- so you need three columns, leave a little room and the top and a little room at the bottom. So what we’re going to right now is real quick, we’re going to do the first step of the ten step cycle that we have and this first step is we’re going to write down three, if we could go as a group, let’s do this as a group, if we could go to three places, what, where are three places three places that we all would like to go? Okay. I heard one guy say home. Spend more time at home, that’s right. Okay. So the first one is three places to go. The second list or column is going to be three things we want to buy in the next ninety days if we could show you a way to get whatever you want in the next 90 days. What are three things that you’re probably going to buy anyways in the next ninety days, three things to buy? So we got three places to go, three things to buy, and the last column is going to be three things you want to do. Three things over the next ninety days that you want to do, that maybe for whatever reason you’ve been putting off for time constraint reasons or money constraint reasons, what are three things that you would like to do, and then to finalize all this, at the bottom, we need you write to really big, one super want. One ‘super want’ whether it’s a place to go, something to buy, or something to do. What is one thing that you really want? Get all this down on paper and this is just something that I’ve learned by getting it out of the head and onto the paper we can, you know, get started.

A Vehicle
Okay great. Normally, Joe would do this, but you know we just wrote down some things that we all want as a group and you know, we all have wants and desires and needs and the program we’re about to show you ; there’s a lot of people who need this. There’s a lot of people who want it and we found that the people who want it are the ones that go out and get it not necessarily the people that need this. Normally Joe would do this, but basically he’s going to show you how to take that piece of paper of 10 things that you want and he’ll get you from where you’re at right now to a point where you can get all 10 of those things in the next 90 days. So we have a vehicle on how to go from A to B using peer to peer marketing, unified branding, and product association or company association. Basically it’s real simple, what happens is that you get introduced to the company. The company is usually a gateway company or introductory company and then that company can link you to a lot of different products and brands. So rather than you call up all the different corporations and companies that you feel that you could do some marketing with or marketing for, you just go to one company and they’ve already got a basis set up for peer to peer marketing. In other words you can actually go in and introduce products and services from these companies that would otherwise not be introduced to these people for whatever reason and that’s what they pay you for. They pay you to say “you know Sears is online”, so they’ll pay you to introduce people to an online buying system where people can go to and will pay you or pay the marketing company just for saying go to the left or go to the right. So you’ve just given people directions to where the stores at. Unified branding- we offer some of the finest products in the world we have product lines that are rated as the number one selling in volume- in other words more people are buying this one single product than the other competition that is also selling a single product. So if you have cars it would work like this- and we’re not selling cars- you have cars you would either share the Ford experience or you would share the Chevy experience and you would share your experience with either driving the Ford or driving the Chevy, whichever one you like the most that’s the one of course that you would steer people to. Makes sense, It’s very simple, it’s called associated marketing or company association and you just simply say “You know I’ve tried this, I used to use this, and I realized that this, right now, is a better product or it fits more to my lifestyle at this moment. “ So we’re going to go ahead and take a break in about a minute. With this type of marketing, it’s very simple, we take a very product based approach where you just pick the products that you want; pick about $300 of products you know every day products, you take those products and if you use those products, if you like those products, you share that experience with someone else and they use that product and because you referred them or you what they call affiliated them with the company, you get paid, and you can make a lot of money, so let’s watch this real quick commercial.

A Commercial

Finite Math, the plan
Okay, so now at this point, we’re thirty two minutes into the program. We’re going to talk about finite math, how to make an income, Paul J Getty’s predictions, the circles, we want to show a matrix, we’ll show it then, and talk about the world. So basically the way it boils down to, is that let’s say you’ve got 5 billion people to the world and you want to start a business and in that business you want to introduce them to a product or service and you want to know if in your city or in your neck of the woods you can actually use this product or service to advantage and will it realistically sell by the numbers. So if it will sell by the numbers, you know that if you put your best foot forward and get out there you can make this happen. So our goal at this point isn’t to convince you about anything except whether you could do something like this. So the finite math is the figures that come back from the consumer index, and we know that 1 out of 250 people will try any one of these products or services. In other words, that’s the number that we know if you told someone go online to a specific site, if you told 250 people to go to a specific site, we know that one out of those 250 will go to the website and actually make a purchase, in other words, put money in your pocket. So how do you make the income? The income is made very simply by taking the guide of you referring between one and six people to the portal, to the marketing website and each time you do that you get paid, you want to do that enough times so you actually have someone else who also refers other people to that same website. Now if you do an affiliated marketing format, then what you end up with is the ability to tell many, many people about your product, but you won’t get paid if they tell anyone about the same company. So if you’re doing true affiliate marketing, you’re not going to get paid. In this system we actually have a tier system so that you can get paid based on product purchases. Now to be fair, we don’t try to sell something that you wouldn’t buy yourself. So a lot of affiliate marketers, a lot of people out there are selling products or services that they don’t even own. It’s kind of like going down to the bank and talking to somebody that makes 24 000 a year about a 250 000 loan. You’re asking them for something that they don’t even have access to themselves. A lot of affiliate marketing is based on that same premise. Is that if you’ll come In here you’ll promote my product, you’re not going to make enough to buy it but you know you get the association you get to be a part of it. So the way to make an income is based on the concept that you can get one person to do 100% of the work or you could get 100 people to do 1% of the work. So very simply we all purchase products from the site and we in turn help people you know “hey look I buy my products at this local store online and in return for that I get the rights to refer other people to this same website and if you buy those products we both get paid.” So is that cool or what? So in other words if they make a purchase they don’t get left in the dirt, they get a rebate and if you make a purchase you also get a rebate and if you guys work together as a team then you can both get a rebate.
It’s all through affiliated marketing, in other words letting other people see your portal, and then you get 100 point value. So let’s say in this model that you have six values six programs working at the same time. Each program is associated with a person that you know love and trust, and you end up with six of these hundred points, plus your hundred points. You then get seven hundred points. at Seven hundred points you’re going to get nine percent rebate on your business volume. So if we took that and drew it out it would be six and thirty six. 36 x 6 is 216 so if you do the math it doesn’t take very long, and what Joe and I are doing is we’re going to build this up. It’s going to be 7500 points within the next 90 days. So we have to put those points somewhere in the organization. So we’re using a tap root system, So what we’re doing is we’re just putting people underneath other people and then sharing the way to duplicate every four to five people. So every four to five accounts we come in and we put a training system at the bottom of that root system so you can really maximize off of what we’re doing and increase the amount of volume, the amount of percentage you can make. So here’s what you need to do to make more money. is If you’ll build a second leg and build that to twenty five hundred, we’ll give you 4% of all of it. So you’ll get 4% of 10 000 point value, which in our example is 20 000 of business, you’ll get four percent of that. Now that’s pretty good, and you don’t have to build it all yourself, that’s just a bonus. You’ll also make your bonus off of your retail and just your simple referral, everything that you refer. So there’s a lot of different ways to make money, and we’re going to watch a real quick commercial here in about a minute, and its going to explain a little bit more about whether this is going to work for you or not. It’s an easy way to build it and a hard way to build it. The hard way to build it is to tell other people that they gotta do this. The easy way to build it is to do it and then just tell your friends “You know, I drive a Chevy, you should drive a Chevy too. “ Are all your friends going to drive the same car you do? No, of course not. This is just a vehicle to get you to point a to point b where you have some credibility and where you’ll have some wants and you understand that peer to peer marketing, or associated marketing, is the number one form of marketing, word of mouth, then you will do well. If you need more training on that, we have training provided. So don’t make any decisions right now. Just look at what joe and I are doing and see if you could possibly introduce people to our program and we will be more than happy to show people what we’re doing and what you could be a part of. If you’re successful at this, you could do very well. You can make some great friends and you could really impact a lot of people’s lives

A Commercial

Desired Results
Okay. That was a pretty good little video there. We want to sum all this up, which would be what we’ve talked about, is, if you could make this happen. If in the next ninety days we could show you a way that you definitely could generate some income and we could show you a way to work as a group and reach your current goals, we show you a way that you can participate, wouldn’t that makes sense to check into this a little bit further? I’m not asking anybody to make a decision today but I would like to let everybody know about what we’re doing and the direction that we’re going in. Over the In the next 90 days we’ll be showing this, if we’re busy, about 100 times because we understand how important this is to get this message to as many people as possible and we also understand that if we have people who are vested in what we’re doing and they’re part of our group, they’re anxious, they’re anticipating to see some results. And we know that by setting the right example and by being that result we know that we can make a difference, not just in our own lives, but in their lives as well. Now I will warn you that if there’s anybody that’s better at this than Jonah, then they need to step up forward and they need to show us what to do. So we are not beyond that. We’re just following a system that’s been put in place and worked for the last fifty years, we’ve put in principles in our lives that have worked for the last 2000 years or more depending on which novelty book you’re looking or which source you’re looking. We’re gonna go to $25 000 in volume in a group so we have to put those points somewhere in that group and honestly, we’re not going to wait for everybody in this room to do the work for us. There’s a lot of business models that that’s how it works there’s a lot of business models that that’s how it works you go out there and find a guy and he does a lot of the work, like in illustration, using, so, Richard Branson, he finds people to do the work for him. That’s not what we’re doing. In this stage in our movement, we are actively finding people that are participants, people who are consumers, finding people who are clients, and along the way we’re going to make some friendships and along the way we’re going to make some partnerships. We already have partnerships with companies, with stores, with organizations; we already have partnerships with people who have been doing this type of work for 25 years, so from that perspective, we already got a lot of that done.
I’ll be more than happy to share your mentors with me. And if you want, I’ll even, because the type of people that I allow be my mentor, they’re only people that would be willing to let me introduce someone to them. So I don’t get mentored by people that are not accessible. Does that make sense? So I do not have the owner of Sears calling me up mentoring me. So I have a business agreement with them, I do my part, they do their part; it’s a business arrangement. I do not have a, you know, a relationship with people that I can’t go up there and shake there hands. For example, If I’m in a seminar in Vegas and I tell you that you should be there, it’s because the person putting on the event I know personally. Does that make sense? So I’m not going to ask you to participate in anything that I don’t already participate in, but more importantly I’m not going to ask you to participate in something when I don’t know what the people are really doing and what they’re really about, because I’m a little skeptical. Joe on the other hand, ah, I don’t know, you’ll have to ask Joe.
So how can you participate in this opportunity? One of the ways you can participate is you can continue to come back to these meetings and learn, learn as much as you can. Take notes, and just soak it in, and you’re not going to get it by osmosis, but you might need to see it a few more times before you feel comfortable enough to say, “You know, this makes sense to me.” We encourage you, if you do come back, to bring someone else with you and get their perspective. Someone else whom you respect their opinion, bring them with you and let them see what Joe and I are doing. We really do want to make a difference in other people’s lives. You can purchase our products from our portal. So, you know, that’s what we’re here for, right. We literally make money day and night, and we make money, and we have customers; I’ve had people purchase from me in all different parts of the world. It’s very simple to do, it’s just I refer them to the website. Some people make a one-time purchase, some people purchase every month; it all depends on their preference. You can ask us questions and we’ll be more than happy to answer them. So please don’t be shy. Limit your questions to one question per person. If you have more questions then that get with the person that invited you here tonight, write down these questions and ask that person those questions about anything that you heard tonight and if they can’t answer those I’m sure they’ll get a hold of either me or Joe and we’ll make sure we get the question addressed, because sometimes it’s out of the scope of what we’re doing here tonight. So I don’t want to take anything away from what we’re doing here tonight. Sometimes people have political and religious questions and that’s not why we’re here. We’re here for business questions, we’re here about the portal, we’re here about how you can make a difference in your life, we’re here to offer hope and we’re here to design a life that allows you to be free.

MyLunchBasket intro

My Lunch Basket
Are you working hard? Are you working hard, maybe you found a system that works for you? Does your income require you to consistently put in time, money, energy? Do you find conflicts with producing more return at the cost of building relationships with family and loved ones? I understand all these hardships. For over a decade, I had a good paying job that really was a means to an end. Each one of my days was like the one before. And the vicious cycle corroded my thinking, consumed my time, evaporated my recreation and eroded a lifetime of memories. I had to go to work; I had to produce things that needed to be done. If I worked, I ate; no work, no eat. My simplicity mentality was based on the days of being a beach bum and finding myself without food or income. I was free mentally. Time was on my side. I had lots of it. I had no bills, and no crazy monthly payments to make. I always thought it was stupid to pay taxes first and then ask for money back or pay for bills monthly like you’re not going to be their later or you’re not going to need their services for more than a month. I was debt free and had all the time freedom I wanted. I have always done whatever I wanted. I was always a free spirit. So why lock down? Why try it their way? What was the attraction? Once started, how do I make it stop? Let’s face it, only a small percentage of people, less than 20%, actually live in poverty, true adversity. The rest were on the grind, work the mill, creating the energy, and producing the waste. The true definition of poverty is to be without – lacking something; so one can have money and no time or the other way around. Based on those two choices, many would say, if given the choice, having the money and finding the time is better than having the time and finding the money. Think about that for a second. Think about it some more. How do people become financially free? Is it by giving up their time or their money, or are we really giving up something more than that- an intrinsic value that may never be attained through superficial means. Are the tradeoffs worth the rewards? If yes, go here: your job. If no, go here: Save time, money, earn value, reward. This is a simplified approach to having freedom tomorrow by taking the right steps today. We use a linear approach to utilize a progressive tool that produces a residual result. Basically, the more you put in the more you get out. How much is too much? In getting your expectations could be the only thing standing in your way from winning or losing. Get started today,
Okay, so, I get this question a lot of times “What is it, What are you doing?” And I’ve been looking for a way to answer that question. So here’s my attempt to answer that question, what is it what are we doing? It’s real simple, you order products from the portal, the more volume you order the more rebates you get. We like to call them ‘cheques.’ You can get many people to order from your portal or build partnerships with other people and help them build and manage a portal. Some groups have fifteen or more portals all over the globe. The portal leads to greater things and better opportunity. Any company can be part of that portal. Your portal belongs to you, their portal belongs to them, you can help other people build a portal, or you can just build your own. It’s simple, smart, and can be a lot of fun.

So the next question is “Can you tell me a little bit more?” and this is what I’d like to say. There are several companies that pay you to build portals, build teams, manage portals, recruit customers and use products. We have access to some of those companies, including many fortune five hundred companies. Let’s face it, contracts make people rich- not time, money or promises. Contracts make people rich. Sign the right contract and make money. Simple, easy, and a fun way to make new friends and stay in touch with old ones.
Okay, so the next thing we want to know is “How do we get started?” or getting started. We have an interesting recruiting method. We went out and recruited some of the top leaders in the country, we asked them to produce additional content that was original, fundamentally sound, and applies to an array of people and personalities. Before we ask anyone to join our business team, we ask them to join our leadership team first. It’s kind of like joining the country club before getting on the tennis league. Everyone knows that being a club member has its privileges, right? We found that people who are members of our organization do much better and have greater results than those who are not. It’s pretty simple either you’re a member or you’re not a member. To be a member, call us up today to get started. A real person will call you back and answer any questions you may have.
Here’s something I get asked a lot. What do I do? Here is what you do. I get asked this a lot. There are two stores in town; one gives you a rebate, the other one does not. Which one are you going to go to? There are no rocket scientists in the room, right? Okay, so you just shop at the store that has the rebate. That’s it. It’s so easy; some people forget it’s even there. Just shop and have fun. It’s your portal; make it a great one!

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