Everyone wants vertical growth with a horizontal base. 

That’s how cities grow and networks as well. When we work in rudiments we have a process to follow and by adding the right elements we can spur growth. Imagine if you will a place with no doctors; eventually you want to have a doctor, and a place with no bank; eventually you want a bank. The real question is which way to grow or which way is the growth. If your first getting started build horizontally as far and as wide as you can see in a way that you’ll have more people than you have space then the people will stack growing vertically to 20 tiers. Add professionals when the group demands it or the doctor, banker, teacher, or contractor comes to saying I see a way to add value to this community. 

Next I will discuss how to create the pods that will eventually grow in your favor.  
Until then be like the mustard seed and keep heading towards the light. 



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