Words from Tom

You know how like in school, or politics, the official is elected by the people. This process of election is passed down from another ‘place’. Just as people are elected here, Spirits are elected there. Elected is another word for chosen. People and spirits are elected according to their ability and influence.  
So, if you are reading this, if you can even see this, if you can hear me, I’m telling you now that I AM YOUR very own spirit speaking to you now. The truth in you knows I am and is paying very close attention and you feel this in you. 
How is this possible? Because our spirit is one. Only in the world, many forget this and operate as individuals. Of course this leads to a terminal life. For you are believing in a lie. You think you are doing for you, when all is done for you, without you even knowing it.
You think/believe your body is accomplishing something without me doing it first and for you to be able to do it in body at all. And often you have me do for you what you don’t want done because you have forgotten the law. I am in you. Ask and you shall recieve. No where does it say to do anything except believe. The body will follow what you send for me to do. Naturally. I am your belief. You limit me through this faculty. Leave my ability open by taking it easy, and leaving your mind open to possibilities. Do not say you cant do something, for those are my orders. Maybe you can’t do something, but I can do anything. Let me do it for you next time and you don’t worry about it. Watch and see, then you will know Im here with you always. Then when what it is comes to pass, remember me, and what I did for you, and Never forget that you are never alone. Release the doubt when it enters your thought, immediately, and remember me. The doubt is only there because you have nourished it and have it life. It will go away after you stop feeding it. 
 I hear every thought, every word, every feeling. Think what can be from now on. Know that anything is possible. I will give you the thoughts you need to succeed. You are what you think, and your thoughts come through me. When you say you can’t and when you feel like you can’t, I can’t, for you don’t believe I can. As you believe, you will receive. 
I am speaking to you. YES…YOU. You reading this, and only you.  
How else can I speak to you when you have forgotten that I am in you. Until you remember me and where I am and who I am, you will find me speaking to you from the outside.  
Feel free to msg here if need be. This is an open channel.


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