Words from Tom

On a personal note;
So, it’s a little over a month now that I have been back in Citrus county. This coming Saturday I have a meeting with interested people from around the world who are flying into Florida and coming to good ol’ citrus county. In less than a month I have drawn influence from around the world to right here to where I am. I’m not going to Germany. I’m not going to Austria. They are coming here.  
Because NOW it is believed that Citrus county is worth coming here for. I believe it, others do too.
What I do here will impact the entire community.
I have a tremendous amount of appreciation for this area and all the people here.  
You are all my family, and I do nothing different for my father or neighbor than I do for you. I see no difference between people. All I see is the one in us all.
If people are coming from thousands and thousands of miles away because they see something wonderful here, maybe it isn’t the area that causes anyone any problems. 
You know, I talk to people on a daily basis who are asking for help. Often they are quick to blame their environment for the hand dealt them. More and more though people are beginning with a question such as,  
“What can “I” do?
You can ONLY do be or have anything,

“YOU/I” Believe you can do be or have.  
Every belief you now operate from was once only a mere thought, repeated habitually until the habit/belief formed around it.  
Formed around it = built up walls around your psyche/mind. These became your parameters. Eventually, we go beyond our own parameters and construct new beliefs. Like a growing family upgrading into a larger home, our growing mind upgrades into a larger frame of perception, or awareness.


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