What do you want?

Welcome to MyLunchBasket discussion today we are on Day 1 of 10
How do you figure out specifically what you want in life?

Writing down your answer is helpful. When you think about creating a plan for your life, I want you to first answer a simple question What do you want? You must ask yourself a series of questions:

 1 What are place you want to go?
2. What are the things you want to buy?
3. What are the things you want to do?
4. What is your Ultimate Want? 

Think about what you really wan, I mean really, really want, If you sit down and think about why you want anything, go anywhere, do anything, you will discover that the main reason is because you want to feel a certain way.

You can easily increase the happiness in your life if you truly want to, as you decide to do so, you will immediately feel better and new ideas will start flooding into your mind. You can feel good now, if you only make the choice.


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