How it is working

I am setting a campaign for international with MyLunchBasket.
I would like to do a domestic campaign with GroganManor account, like we did years ago, as you know many do not know what to do or they want to know why.
Now I simplified it to what you used to share about depth and leveraging. I tell them (builders) to get mindset to target market 20 locations; for me it is cities, some say people and then help those get the average of two, help one of those two get one, for a total of four.
I call it the Power of 83
You, me, and an experienced marketer, come in and target a city, find 20 get two each, help one get one. (That’s what naturally happens). According to Maxwell in his book Tipping Point it takes 60-80 people to see a group take on its own identity with 2-5 Leader types (sound familiar). 20/40/20 plus you me and an experienced marketer equal 83, right?
So how do you get started? Very very simple,
Get a blank single sheet of paper and write one through twenty, once the sheet is full we have done our job.
Now we will help you along the way, just tell me when you want to get started.

Now [your name here], I understand it sounds oversimplified. The best marketers and investors will tell you one thing you must have to get success is an exit strategy. Our exit strategy in each city is 20/40/20, then we move to next city. Just ask yourself what place you want to have in the matrix, Top or bottom? Then, ask who do you already have that can handle twenty accounts, follow up, birthday, holidays, anniversaries, you know the human art of the business? Who has that kind of heart, that you already know? Can they really do the job? If so lets get in touch with them and get this first two today.

Once perfected we can get each account of 4 set up in less than six hours of phone calls, and actually ordering.

If they are not sure we have over 20 locations across country where it can be explained in person and other countries. It’s a win/win/win.

We put them back in list by geography and target demographics by location, every 90 days with a where and when meetings place. ‘Never stop giving’ information away.

Let me know how I can help, meanwhile I got this fireball in [your town] that won’t leave me alone. 😉

Any advice or assistants is greatly appreciated.

If I understand correctly, everything I do helps you cycle 😊

Carpé Diem



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