Bk Post

Vemma team!

Here it is, a couple of weeks into July, middle of summer, every excuse in the world to slow down a bit, take a vacation…but you guys are crushing it!

Before I get into a few stats, I’ve got to let you in on some huge news. For only the 8th time in Vemma history, we have a new Royal Ambassador…Brad Alkazin IS our newest Royal Ambassador!! At any age, let alone 26, this is a huge accomplishment!! Brad will earn about $85K this month and the guy never stops working! What a great example he’s setting for this next generation of leadership that’s rising up from the Young People Revolution!

Now, back to the stats (first 13 days of July ’11 vs. ’12). Get a load of this, since the incentives launched about 2 weeks ago, sales up 65%! Auto-delivery orders up 43%, Verve sales up 83% and enrollments…wait for it…up 104%!! Team, this is incredible and I wish I could hug each one of you. These next 6 months are really going to set the stage for an incredible 2013!

On the app front, Vemma 2.0 for Android is coming next week! This should pretty much double the usage, excitement and momentum in your teams! Also, Bod•ē 2.0 is 30 days away and will feature Chris and Heidi Powell in 84 daily video tips, fast food options and a bunch of other cool stuff!

On the international front, we’re ahead of schedule on the opening of Mexico. It will happen this Monday! I’m looking forward to some great things from this market. I just got off the phone with Executive leader and #YPR crusader Jed Buenaluz who’s in Mexico right now pre-building young people. Glad I decided to bring Verve down there. Here’s a story he shared with me from his Facebook page:
“Breaking News Sam Infante is beyond a stud. At 21, he went from BRAND PARTNER to DIAMOND in 4 DAYS!!!! Are you serious? Let’s Congratulate him! He hit 24 cycles in 1 week. TELL ME THIS ISN’T REAL! Sam we are proud of you! Executive this MONTH!!! – No breaks, Just Breaking Records — with Anthony Montisano and 7 others.”

Verve Nation, to say I’m impressed with what you young people are doing is an understatement! I hear amazing stories like this of just how fast you’re moving up the ranks and as a company owner, I’m totally committed to providing you with everything you need to take just the Verve brand alone to $1 billion. I read this article about Youth Joblessness: No end in sight. It makes me think this #YoungPeopleRevolution has no end in sight either!

Finally, thanks for all the well wishes for the birth of our twins. If you want to see recent photos, check out my Facebook page whenever you get a chance.

I appreciate you, enjoy the weekend!



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