Peer to Peer Marketing

Hey everybody, isn’t Joe amazing? In this second section we’re going to talk about ‘what is it?’ The magic bullet, the phenomena, what are we here for? We’ll be talking about three forms of marketing, there’s basically three areas that marketing works in and one of them is kind of a public form of marketing where you just throw something against the wall and see if it sticks and this is done on national ad campaigns, it’s done through television, large newspaper articles, usually information based marketing where they just throw something out there and if people you know, grab onto it great, if they don’t grab onto it that’s okay too. The second form of marketing is corporate style marketing, and this is where you take data, and research and profiling and you do all of these things to find out what the common denominator is amongst all the people so that you can market directly to them on a base of that you already know that they need or want this product or service. There’s a lot of different forms of that, one of the things that we very rarely see in a corporate marketing scene is pork rinds, pork rinds are popular, most people know who they are, they understand that they’re only going to produce so much per year and there really isn’t going to be higher consumption of pork rinds based on the population, only a certain percentage are going to like those but they do know that certain demographic tends to favor them more than others. This is a form of corporate data research and profiling where they’re going to actually going to produce more pork rinds in certain geographical areas than others. So the last form of marketing and the one that seems to be a way to take what appears to be a finite corporate number such as pork rinds or washers and dryers- there’s only so many people in the world, there’s only so many people who really need, so the need for washers and dryers is limited. So you know we take that format of corporate and we take that idea of stick the mud on the wall and we’re just putting out massive amounts of information in order to take aim at the customer base. They call this peer to peer marketing or association marketing, and this is where you call up a big company or big corporation that sells a lot of products, and you set up an account with them, so every time somebody goes to your website and reads your blog and clicks on a link and they buy something from that link, you get a check. And then there’s a handshake deal, some people who only want to deal with local people, people they know, and we call this peer to peer marketing.


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