Peer to Peer

Okay hi. That was a great commercial wasn’t it, and I’m sure some of you guys are starting to figure some stuff out. We got a little pattern going here and we want to do something really fun right now so if you could take out your paper and pen and we’re going to go over a very simple beginning program that changed my world. I’ve been to seminars all over the country meeting with speakers from all over the world; I’ve spent over $40 000 in education. They all start the same, so if you could take out a piece of paper, and you’ll need to write down 1, 2, 3 three times- so you need three columns, leave a little room and the top and a little room at the bottom. So what we’re going to right now is real quick, we’re going to do the first step of the ten step cycle that we have and this first step is we’re going to write down three, if we could go as a group, let’s do this as a group, if we could go to three places, what, where are three places three places that we all would like to go? Okay. I heard one guy say home. Spend more time at home, that’s right. Okay. So the first one is three places to go. The second list or column is going to be three things we want to buy in the next ninety days if we could show you a way to get whatever you want in the next 90 days. What are three things that you’re probably going to buy anyways in the next ninety days, three things to buy? So we got three places to go, three things to buy, and the last column is going to be three things you want to do. Three things over the next ninety days that you want to do, that maybe for whatever reason you’ve been putting off for time constraint reasons or money constraint reasons, what are three things that you would like to do, and then to finalize all this, at the bottom, we need you write to really big, one super want. One ‘super want’ whether it’s a place to go, something to buy, or something to do. What is one thing that you really want? Get all this down on paper and this is just something that I’ve learned by getting it out of the head and onto the paper we can, you know, get started.


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