Finite Math, the Plan

Okay, so now at this point, we’re thirty two minutes into the program. We’re going to talk about finite math, how to make an income, Paul J Getty’s predictions, the circles, we want to show a matrix, we’ll show it then, and talk about the world. So basically the way it boils down to, is that let’s say you’ve got 5 billion people to the world and you want to start a business and in that business you want to introduce them to a product or service and you want to know if in your city or in your neck of the woods you can actually use this product or service to advantage and will it realistically sell by the numbers. So if it will sell by the numbers, you know that if you put your best foot forward and get out there you can make this happen. So our goal at this point isn’t to convince you about anything except whether you could do something like this. So the finite math is the figures that come back from the consumer index, and we know that 1 out of 250 people will try any one of these products or services. In other words, that’s the number that we know if you told someone go online to a specific site, if you told 250 people to go to a specific site, we know that one out of those 250 will go to the website and actually make a purchase, in other words, put money in your pocket. So how do you make the income? The income is made very simply by taking the guide of you referring between one and six people to the portal, to the marketing website and each time you do that you get paid, you want to do that enough times so you actually have someone else who also refers other people to that same website. Now if you do an affiliated marketing format, then what you end up with is the ability to tell many, many people about your product, but you won’t get paid if they tell anyone about the same company. So if you’re doing true affiliate marketing, you’re not going to get paid. In this system we actually have a tier system so that you can get paid based on product purchases. Now to be fair, we don’t try to sell something that you wouldn’t buy yourself. So a lot of affiliate marketers, a lot of people out there are selling products or services that they don’t even own. It’s kind of like going down to the bank and talking to somebody that makes 24 000 a year about a 250 000 loan. You’re asking them for something that they don’t even have access to themselves. A lot of affiliate marketing is based on that same premise. Is that if you’ll come In here you’ll promote my product, you’re not going to make enough to buy it but you know you get the association you get to be a part of it. So the way to make an income is based on the concept that you can get one person to do 100% of the work or you could get 100 people to do 1% of the work. So very simply we all purchase products from the site and we in turn help people you know “hey look I buy my products at this local store online and in return for that I get the rights to refer other people to this same website and if you buy those products we both get paid.” So is that cool or what? So in other words if they make a purchase they don’t get left in the dirt, they get a rebate and if you make a purchase you also get a rebate and if you guys work together as a team then you can both get a rebate.
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