Desired Results

Okay. That was a pretty good little video there. We want to sum all this up, which would be what we’ve talked about, is, if you could make this happen. If in the next ninety days we could show you a way that you definitely could generate some income and we could show you a way to work as a group and reach your current goals, we show you a way that you can participate, wouldn’t that makes sense to check into this a little bit further? I’m not asking anybody to make a decision today but I would like to let everybody know about what we’re doing and the direction that we’re going in. Over the In the next 90 days we’ll be showing this, if we’re busy, about 100 times because we understand how important this is to get this message to as many people as possible and we also understand that if we have people who are vested in what we’re doing and they’re part of our group, they’re anxious, they’re anticipating to see some results. And we know that by setting the right example and by being that result we know that we can make a difference, not just in our own lives, but in their lives as well. Now I will warn you that if there’s anybody that’s better at this than Jonah, then they need to step up forward and they need to show us what to do. So we are not beyond that. We’re just following a system that’s been put in place and worked for the last fifty years, we’ve put in principles in our lives that have worked for the last 2000 years or more depending on which novelty book you’re looking or which source you’re looking. We’re gonna go to $25 000 in volume in a group so we have to put those points somewhere in that group and honestly, we’re not going to wait for everybody in this room to do the work for us. There’s a lot of business models that that’s how it works there’s a lot of business models that that’s how it works you go out there and find a guy and he does a lot of the work, like in illustration, using, so, Richard Branson, he finds people to do the work for him. That’s not what we’re doing. In this stage in our movement, we are actively finding people that are participants, people who are consumers, finding people who are clients, and along the way we’re going to make some friendships and along the way we’re going to make some partnerships. We already have partnerships with companies, with stores, with organizations; we already have partnerships with people who have been doing this type of work for 25 years, so from that perspective, we already got a lot of that done. [endorsement Katana Barnett, artist/writer]


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