A Vehicle

Okay great. Normally, Joe would do this, but you know we just wrote down some things that we all want as a group and you know, we all have wants and desires and needs and the program we’re about to show you ; there’s a lot of people who need this. There’s a lot of people who want it and we found that the people who want it are the ones that go out and get it not necessarily the people that need this. Normally Joe would do this, but basically he’s going to show you how to take that piece of paper of 10 things that you want and he’ll get you from where you’re at right now to a point where you can get all 10 of those things in the next 90 days. So we have a vehicle on how to go from A to B using peer to peer marketing, unified branding, and product association or company association. Basically it’s real simple, what happens is that you get introduced to the company. The company is usually a gateway company or introductory company and then that company can link you to a lot of different products and brands. So rather than you call up all the different corporations and companies that you feel that you could do some marketing with or marketing for, you just go to one company and they’ve already got a basis set up for peer to peer marketing. In other words you can actually go in and introduce products and services from these companies that would otherwise not be introduced to these people for whatever reason and that’s what they pay you for. They pay you to say “you know Sears is online”, so they’ll pay you to introduce people to an online buying system where people can go to Sears.com and Sears.com will pay you or pay the marketing company just for saying go to the left or go to the right. So you’ve just given people directions to where the stores at. Unified branding- we offer some of the finest products in the world we have product lines that are rated as the number one selling in volume- in other words more people are buying this one single product than the other competition that is also selling a single product. So if you have cars it would work like this- and we’re not selling cars- you have cars you would either share the Ford experience or you would share the Chevy experience and you would share your experience with either driving the Ford or driving the Chevy, whichever one you like the most that’s the one of course that you would steer people to. Makes sense, It’s very simple, it’s called associated marketing or company association and you just simply say “You know I’ve tried this, I used to use this, and I realized that this, right now, is a better product or it fits more to my lifestyle at this moment. “ So we’re going to go ahead and take a break in about a minute. With this type of marketing, it’s very simple, we take a very product based approach where you just pick the products that you want; pick about $300 of products you know every day products, you take those products and if you use those products, if you like those products, you share that experience with someone else and they use that product and because you referred them or you what they call affiliated them with the company, you get paid, and you can make a lot of money, so let’s watch this real quick commercial.


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