Finite Math, the Plan

It’s all through affiliated marketing, in other words letting other people see your portal, and then you get 100 point value. So let’s say in this model that you have six values six programs working at the same time. Each program is associated with a person that you know love and trust, and you end up with six of these hundred points, plus your hundred points. You then get seven hundred points. at Seven hundred points you’re going to get nine percent rebate on your business volume. So if we took that abnd drew it out it would be six and thirty six. 36 x 6- 216; so if you do the math it doesn’t take very long, and what Jill and I are doing is we’re going to build this up. It’s going to be 7500 points within the next 90 days. So we have to put those points somewhere in the organization. So we’re using a tap root system, So what we’re doing is we’re just putting  people underneath other people and then sharing the way to duplicate every four to five people. So every four to five accounts we come in and we put a training system at the bottom of that root system so you can really maximize off of what we’re doing and increase the amount of volume, the amount of percentage you can make. So here’s what you need to do to make more money. is If you’ll build a second leg and build that to twenty five hundred, we’ll give you 4% of all of it. So you’ll get 4% of 10 000 point value, which in our example is 20 000 of business, you’ll get four percent of that. Now that’s pretty good, and you don’t have to build it all yourself, that’s just a bonus. You’ll also make your bonus off of your retail and just your simple referral, everything that you refer. So there’s a lot of different ways to make money, and we’ll going to watch a real quick commercial here in about a minute, and its going to explain a little bit more about whether this is going to work for you or not. It’s an easy way to build it and a hard way to build it. The hard way to build it is to tell other people that they gotta do this. The easy way to build it is to do it and then just tell your friends “You know, I drive a Chevy, you should drive a Chevy too. “ Are all your friends going to drive the same car you do? No, of course not. This is just a vehicle to get you to point a to point b where you have some credibility and where you’ll  have some wants and you understand that peer to peer marketing, or associated marketing, is the number one form of marketing, word of mouth, then you will do well. If you need more training on that, we have training provided. So don’t make any decisions right now. Just look at what me and Joe are doing and see if you could possibly introduce people to our program and we will be more than happy to show people what we’re doing and what you could be a part of. If you’re successful at this, you could do very well. You can make some great friends and you could really impact a lot of people’s lives. [endorsement Katana Barnett, Creator, Artist]


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