2% Club

2% clubs are sprouting up all over the country, secret millionaires and aspiring entrepreneurs get together to work on their financial blueprints.

It’s a semi formal dinner party/ potluck held regular in different villages around the country. There maybe one in your village or we could start one.

Hope you enjoy the 2% Clubs.


Vemma updates

Introducing the New Vemma Brand Video 3/2/2011
Everything you know and love about the Vemma brand can be found in one video, courtesy of Home Office’s marketing and branding team!In creating the 3-minute showcase, we took excerpts from all of our recent promotional projects in order to present the most comprehensive look yet at the marketing tools we provide our Brand Partners.
Here at Home Office, we are dedicated to providing you with the best-looking and most-effective marketing and sales materials, and this video is a prime example. With bold colors, attention-grabbing graphics and clips, and upbeat music, it’s like a Verve Energy Drink on your screen! We’re thrilled with the result, and hope you will be too. And this is only the beginning!
We’ll be rolling out an array of new tools designed to help your business get bigger and better than ever. Click here to view and share the video!